Working: Not at all costs!


Working: Not at all costs!

Duration: 60 min.
Suggested level: Secondary 5
Subject: Financial Education, Personal Orientation Project (POP), Entrepreneurship


Students become aware of harassment in the workplace through a quiz and scenarios. They also learn about possible remedies and resources they can turn to if they experience or witness harassment.

Pedagogical objectives:

  • Demystify various legal concepts, such as harassment, intimidation and violence (including certain crimes: threats, assault, sexual assault and criminal harassment)
  • Expand students’ legal knowledge and competencies so they can identify situations of potential harassment in the workplace
  • Raise students’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities as workers with respect to harassment
  • Inform students of possible solutions and resources to help guide them toward the appropriate steps

Broad Areas of Learning:

  • Citizenship and Community Life:
    • Promotion of the rules of social conduct and democratic institutions
    • Adoption of a culture of peace
  • Career Planning and Entrepreneurship
    • Familiarity with the world of work, social roles and occupations and trades

Cross-Curricular Competencies:

  • Uses information:
    • Puts information to use
  • Solves problems:
    • Analyzes the components of a situational problem
    • Tests possible solutions
  • Exercises critical judgment:
    • Forms, qualifies and expresses his/her opinion

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